XD/DC Tour @Hannover


Datum: 05. September 2019
Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr


XD Design Camp

Webseite: Webseiten-Link


Multi-Media Berufsbildende Schulen (MMBbS) Expo Plaza 3, 30539 Hannover

Hannover, DE, 30539

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  • XD/DC – The European Tour

The XD Design Camp is a travelling design workshop held by experienced independent designers.

Come join us for one of two concurrent workshops focusing on UX/UI design and interactive prototyping, including voice, animation, and design systms with Adobe XD.

Be part of the experience.

Get up to speed on the latest trends in design and design tooling, and immerse yourself, along with like-minded people, in exploring future-proof workflows that help solve problems.

Plunge into XD.

This workshop takes you from designing a fully interactive user flow over user testing and stakeholder review right into developer handoff. We’ll also take a look at animation and voice interface design using XD and discuss collaborative workflows. The workshop covers:

  • Design and prototype using XD from start to finish
  • Share prototypes for review and design specs for production
  • Take a glimpse at animation and voice UI prototyping using XD
  • How to use XD as a part of your personal workflow and in teams

Take a deep dive into XD.

If you are proficient in XD or any similar design tools, this workshop is for you because it focuses on advanced XD functionality, such as animation, voice, designing based on real data and using plug-ins and integrations to extend XD functionality. A special focus will be on design systems and collaboration across distributed teams. You will learn:

  • How to leverage XD to design, test, review, and hand off for production, at scale
  • Create and maintain a design system using XD
  • Designing with data and for conversational interfaces, voice only and multimodal (screen and VUI)
  • Use plug-ins and app integrations to extend XD functionality

You should definitely bring that with you:

Participants will get a confirmation of participation at the workshop.

More information: http://xddesigncamp.com.